School Facilities


Lego Robotics

Each class over the course of the year has a series of “Lego” classes in which the themes of problem solving and teamwork are fostered. These classes are very popular with the boys and a great outlet for their creative talents, engineering skills and team building.

The senior classes will be taking part in the Lego Mindstorms programme later this year. They will learn to build and then programme a robot to perform certain tasks.

The Music Room

In our Music Room some of the boys are getting an opportunity to learn how to play the guitar or the piano keyboard. All boys get to learn how to play the tin whistle each year but his new development means that each term a new group of boys have the opportunity to try out another instrument to see if it appeals to them. As each new term begins a new group of boys gets the chance to do the same.

We have arranged a low cost rental scheme for the guitars and keyboards. This is usually €10 per term. The school only asks of parents to support their son’s practice on the instrument by encouraging him and reminding him of regular practice, to keep the instrument in a safe place and to remind hime to bring it in each Monday and one other day per week for his music lessons.

The responses from parents and boys so far have been very encouraging.

It is hoped to add other instruments as time and resources permit.