School Play Therapist and Care Team


School Play Therapist

The school provides this service to pupils who may need to attend a Play Therapist from time to time. This is a confidential service which can  only be availed of by agreement between the boy’s parents and the school Play Therapist.

If your son is in need of someone, to help him get through a difficult time, then please do not hesitate to contact the Principal at 01 4784316. Over the past years, this service (which is supported and part funded by the Board of Management, and by generous donations from local business), has been of great emotional support to a number of boys and their families.

We all benefit from talking to someone who listens carefully. This service is available on Wednesdays and Thursday mornings.

From November 2016 our Therapist will be providing a private practice also to children who are not pupils of Scoil Sancta Maria. You may make an appointment to meet her by phoning the school at the number above.

Care Team

The Care Team meets regularly to discuss the ongoing emotional, physical and care needs of our pupils.


School Flyer

This leaflet tells a lot about the school.



Just fill in and return to the Principal at the address above.

Just fill in and return to the Principal at the address above.